Sunday, February 6, 2011

World WAR III Has Began

The Third and final world war has
Begun kind of I'm talking about the Tour Wars that we have going on here in Washington DC and Alexandria VA. My Brother and friend Micheal Seay from The George Washington Masonic National Memorial in Alexandria VA is the "HEAD" Tour guide of the monument has offered me a job at the memorial helping him give tours of the building.

Knights Templar Room.

The Man.

The Myth.

The Ledgend.

George Washington.

I took him up on this challenge on one special condition that he would also help send people to the House of the Temple of the 33 .•. degree Freemasons on 16th Ave in Washington DC.

Entrance Room of the Temple Salve Frater means Welcome Brother in Latin.

Carved where they sit watch over the temple.

A Warning from Pike that once you pass this point between these pillars you world will never be the same.

Knowledge is Power.

Let there be Light!

Have A seat in Americas Pyramid and chose you Holy book of Choice we have the Greatest writings of all time ; The Holy Bible! The Koran! The Torah! The Bagavagita! And The Teachings of Buddha! all in one place what is this NYC on the Alter.

Make a Wish it may just come true.

Have a seat in the west and act like you know.

Take in the Suns Rays of Illumination and learn why the Serpents of ignorance in this world can only be destroyed by Education. The darkness of Fear, Hate and Superstition can only be Killed By the Illuminati of Wisdom, Strength, and Love of GOD and Charity towards The Brother of Mankind.

God and My Right.

Whom Virtue Unite Death Death Will not Separate.

Enjoy a seat in the East and sit on the Thrown of where some of the greatest thinkers the world has ever produced sat.

Find the Lost Symbol and Tell them what you thought of Dan Browns Book after seeing the real thing.

Take a stroll thru the art gallery and see how our nation was born.

View the beautiful paintings as we walk you thru the 33' of Freemasonry.

Get your tour for free if you mention that Michael Seay sent you.

Hope you enjoyed World War III as much as Me and MR. Seay

Enjoy The Future I'm sure will all end up Fat and Happy!

Peace and Love from Julia and Me.
GOD Bless You and have a Great Tour.