Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Twall wall ride

Recreation on base with the ugandans

Iraqi 12th and A

US ARMY travel

iraq country side

Falcon FOB base

big guns

Blackhawk ride !!!

250 ba'ath party members killed in one bomb blast while watching pretty woman the movie in sadams theater

The troops rule


mad fish yo

war lord

3star General Hunzeker this is the boss of IRAQ

This is Catfish he is a Ledgend in BMX and rules!!

A Chair that Yaser Arafat gave To Sadam ... Farted on it I did

This place is no joke

For real

Desert ramp building By Nate Wessel so gnarly

Ron krimler famous Woodward ramp builder

rooftop view of baghdad

ba'ath party deadquarters

indoor soccer

bombs over baghdad

Sadam's Palace

flinstone village

Sadam's Palace