Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Charles Lamb Taking care of Biz in Europe

Charles Lamb 2010 from Pryce Holmes on Vimeo.

What makes Charles Lamb so unique as a skater and a person is that, for one, Skateboarding is not his entire life he is a master Pianist, Paid for college on his own thru working super hard teaching kids at Chealsea piers how to skate then working at Supreme all the while maintaining a great level of skating on the board. Very rarely if ever had I heard Charles complain about anything that happened with his sponsors or not making the money he should be off of skateboarding as a once sponsored member of Zoo York none of that from Charles. Now in his early 3o's he still is one of the best NYC has ever produced and is actually from Statin Island but im not sure if he has ever felt the need to claim he's from NYC he Just does what he does and is one of the funniest people you will ever be lucky enough to hang out with. Sick footage from Europe. Keep killing it and reminding us that theres more to life than fighting over who invented the wallie and homeless cellar door spots in Brownsville. Keep me up to date on the next Iced coffee game of skate session at !2Th and A Im buying.

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