Friday, January 28, 2011

Congratulating NYJAH

Warrior Athlete

Nyjah Huston is part of the Element family.

Nyjah is one of the hardest working people in skateboarding. Only for him it's not work, he loves what he does and thats skate all the time. I saw him in action at last years Tampa pro and was reminded of what its like to see a truly gifted individual on a skateboard. Knowing that Nyjah is capable of pretty much anything he puts his mind to on or off a skateboard it was not a surprised that he was a nice kid with a shapely focused energy that seemed to push you in to trying tricks you didn't think were possible after seeing him set down run after perfect run effortlessly. You have so many great years ahead of you and the kids we talked to in NYC are stoked for you and hope that we will see NYjah in NY sometime this year. Congratulations Again.